“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

- Albert Einstein

At GAM Companies, we believe that blue collar businesses are the backbone of America. We value the hard work and dedication an Owner has invested over time to grow their business and are committed to preserving the legacy and values established by the Owner. At GAM Companies, we differentiate ourselves from competition under the following beliefs:

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Firm's Objective

To become the Owner-Operator of an existing business and help scale growth


To provide assurance to the current Owner that the company's legacy is preserved

Importance of Staff

Essential to carry out the traditions of doing business

Future Role for

Current Owner

Customized path with minimum 1-yr commitment to ensure transition of business practices

Competitor /

Strategic Acquisition

To strategically acquire inventory, assets, or client lists while dissolving the original business

To add the company to a portfolio or division as a vessel for profit optimization

Not part of the acquisition objective, and may be replaced with competitor's current staff due to overlap

Fast-paced transition out to quickly integrate the business into an existing portfolio or division

GAM Companies